United Educational Consultants corporate English courses is geared toward businesses and professionals with basic, intermediate or advanced level English skills.

Our one-on-one or small group courses are designed to help employees advance their business English communication competency and succeed in today’s international business world.

English courses are taught by a certified English trainer, and are customized to your needs. Courses can be tailored for one executive or a small group of employees. Course content is fully tailored to address participant’s everyday executive English language needs based on their job-specific language and vocabulary.

Progress Through Education

Increase Sales

English is the international language. Offering English to international customers and removing cultural barriers will help your business increase sales.

Employee Benefits

Offer additional educational benefits to your employees. Many are searching to improve their English skills, and dedicated employees appreciate businesses that help them progress.

Creative Ideas

A common problem with customers and business is misunderstanding. Develop international marketing and customer service and remove confusion.

Cross Culture Training

Corporate and businesses now operate on a global scale. Many companies are now preparing their employees to deal with the challenges of working and doing business internationally. Research has shown that providing cultural training to employees who are tasked with working in an international environment can significantly reduce the risk of cultural misunderstandings.


Professional Team

Communication skills courses are designed to meet the needs of businesses seeking to improve their ability to communicate professionally within an international environment. Combining flexibility with a personalized approach, communication skills courses will assist you with the language and communications skills necessary to ensure that you relay your message and ideas effectively.


Business English

With our business English courses coordinated by certified trainers offers personalized training courses to our international clients across all business and governmental sectors. Our full range of Business English courses are available and tailored to meet your specific business requirements and terms. Individual, small, and large group courses available for all skill levels.



Send us your thoughts and requirements. If you are not sure, you can just describe your business and what you would like to accomplish.


We will work with you to develop a unique and customized curriculum to meet your business needs and research your market.


After we develop your course and curriculum we will prepare your employees for the course and provide all necessary course materials.

Some of Our Short, Medium and Long Term Partners

Thai Airways
ThaiMed Medical Tourism
Toyota Thailand
Thai Company


“UEC created a great English program for my employees and we continue to use them today!”

Mike Brennan, ThaiMed

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